Is there a chance for a Frary baby in our future?

Iain De Caestecker & Elizabeth Henstridge on Fitzsimmons’ relationship in season 2 (x)

"The times I see her (Scarlett), I literally feel like I’m 20 years old and she’s 16 or something. We were in Vancouver, screwing around." -Chris 

Iain and I, we talk about the fact that we don’t play any of the romanticism. I feel like to Simmons genuinely, he might be the person that she should marry, but she doesn’t see it like that. It’s 100 percent not in her conscious realm, anyway. Then when we see how they cut it together and how it looks on camera, we’re kind of like, ‘Oh my god. That was flirty! We didn’t mean it to be flirty’.
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Adelaide Kane & Toby Regbo talk Frary (x)

Leo Fitz Week » Day Three: Favourite Relationship

fitzsimmons + welcome to night vale 

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do you ever find yourself in pain imagining the team bringing in a new engineer while Fitz is (probably) unconscious to work alongside Jemma, but she can’t work well with him/her because they’re not in sync because they’re not Fitz

And then she told herself, “Stop being so weak. Grow up and get over it.” and then she never felt anything again.
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season 1 vs season 2